Sunday, 23 August 2009


Sorry for the lack of report, I have only been back to the water once for an hour or so and the conditions were rotten, on the upside my mate and I had 7 takes between us but none stuck unfortunately. Early morning raid there tomorrow though, pics etc to come.

In other news I picked the loop pike booster, so far I have been more than happy with it, I love the look and feel of the rod, this thing is built to last. The flames don't look half bad either ;)

I have been fishing less than I'd like but i have been out, I fished my nearest "proper" river yesterday, as opposed to the tiny trickles I'm used to. Again no pictures (I dropped and lost my phone in the river) but suffice to say I enjoyed some top notch dry fly action. The river is a typical upland freestone stream, full of deep plunge pools and pocket water, really interesting to fish. Surprisingly for a peaty river it holds a head of nice fish, averaging around 12/13oz.
The colour variation in these trout is quite phenomenal too, fish caught in the same pool ranged from almost black, sparsely spotted creatures to beautiful golden fish covered in red spots. The only logical explanation is that the darker fish tend to live nearer the bottom or in deeper water whereas the golden troots tend to reside in the shallows.

For 6 hours fishing I had more trout than I could count, I had the river to myself and it was free, the killer flies were olive klinks with orange posts and the infamous turks tarantula, this is a meaty stimulator with godlike fish catching abilities, its massive and is almost unsinkable, ideal for these rough, brawling rivers. I should be going back on friday with a pal, hopefully I'll have pictures and good words to say!


Thursday, 13 August 2009


I wouldn't normally be so chuffed to catch a pike that weighed about 1lb but today I did just that, albeit from a water that has taunted me for nearly a year. See, I've fished it maybe 6 or 7 times, 3 of them this week! I wasn't entirely sure if it held pike, or any fish for that matter, but when several beasts savaged my popper the other day I had made up my mind.

Today was actually really frustrating, I had 17 takes in total, albeit some from the same fish but only converted that to one fish on the bank. On the plus side I now know that it has some bigger fish than expected, happy days!

Full/proper report with pictures tomorrow hopefully.