Tuesday, 21 July 2009


This is where Ive been fishing for gladiators (perch).
This is one of the people Ive been fishing with, holding a gladiator (he's not actually totally bald)

This is the tool I've been using.

This is a tool holding a FAT perch just over the pound mark.

Yet another FAT(ter) perch, my first from the loch on my third cast.

Perch love pink clousers.

The biggest perch I've ever caught at 1 3/4lbs, mega strong fish.

Perch like to feed at night too.

Perch STILL love pink clousers.

I can't quite understand why hardly anybody fishes for perch here in scotland, they are extremely common, strikingly handsome, easy to catch and fight like stink on light tackle, refusing to move from the bottom and constantly headshaking making for a characteristic "jaggy" fight, for me its a no-brainer.
On all perch waters it pays to fish tight to any features there are, this particular loch has an inflow which appears to be a perch magnet, the steep marginal shelf in some places is also a natural holding spot for these tough little buggers. I use a #3 or a #6 rod to tackle them, the heavier rod allows you to cast the heavy flies further easier but obviously dulls the fight somewhat, if there was ever such thing as a four and a half weight it would be ideal!
The loch in question also holds a shedload of good trout that seem to average just under the pound, but thats another story entirely.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Pike rod?

Okay, I need some suggestions, I am looking for a new pike rod due to my exceptionally manly and strong (rubbish) casting technique I keep snapping rods. I need a 9ft #9, or #8/9. Im using a 9'6 #8 just now which is okay but not ideal. Im thinking the loop pike booster looks sweet, but part of me thinks I should go cheap seen as I can't keep a rod in the right number of sections for more than a year. Any ideas would be most welcome.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Pike pics


Raw power

Thats a solid #10 rod!

I feel bad putting my flies through that mincer.
These are a few photos I couldn't be bothered fitting into the last report, enjoy!