Monday, 29 June 2009


Hey guys, this is the new blog, I left the old one to fall by the wayside because my partner in crime hardly ever added to it and the name wasn't 100% indicative of what im about as the sole poster. SO, here is the new look page, this WILL be updated regularly and i'll be paying more attention to the quality of the photos and written content. Hopefully whoever enjoyed the blog before finds this one equally as interesting.

To anyone who has never seen my old page it was based around me and my fishing buddies trips originally but he quickly stopped posting and it took on a different feel what with my serious hard-on for flyfishing, something he has never tried. Anyways, expect plenty stories about smallstream brown trout adventures and predator trips in search of the mighty luce and the massively overlooked european perch, not to mention all the other species we are lucky to have at some point or another.


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